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Castle Wealth Advisors® and our three separate companies work together to help business owners with business valuations, developing business succession plans within the family, developing business succession plans outside the family, minimizing income taxes when selling a family business, reviewing documents with your attorney and accountant, preparing detailed business transition reports, and estimating retirement income. For 40 years we have worked with hundreds of family businesses in all 50 states. Sometimes we will work for a buyer, but usually we work with the sellers to help them through the important process of transitioning the company to a new owner. Most owners have spent their entire career growing and running the family business and they need help when it becomes time to start planning for a new owner. We normally help our clients through every step of this process. Every family is different and every family business is different. That is why we would be glad to talk to you about your company and your particular situation to outline your best options. 



Selling Inside the Family (2016) from Castle" Wealth Advisors ® on Vimeo.



Selling Outside the Family (2016) from Castle Wealth Advisors® ® on Vimeo.